Sunday, October 10, 2010

Which Way Will The Wind Blow ?

Many of my conservative, independent, and libertarian compatriots who have been blogging, posting articles, fuming, tea partying, calling their representatives, running for office, commenting on facebook and praying are now waiting to see what will happen on election day.We are coming down to the wire and the wire is hot. The wolves have had their sheepskin pulled off and now we hope that America does the right thing. It has been frustrating and anger inducing to see how we deteriorated in this country for the last decade. Morality is just a word it seems. Integrity has taken a vacation and corruption is the entree for every political offering. Few politicians care for the well being of the people. We can only hope that the elected ones who go to "serve" us in the next election change the way Washington is working.
I am encouraged that many people who were a part of the confused, deceived, deluded and complicit group that voted for the predators in charge, now have come to the light and saw the error of their ways. As for me, I complained too much and prayed too little. I was just so amazed that we have so soon forgotten the lessons of history and were dooming ourselves to repeat it. Whoever goes to congress and the senate must be held accountable, must be watched and must not be allowed to become the horrid mess we now have.We are the makers of this country's destiny. We have to stay vigilant, diligent and never, never allow ourselves to be taken to the place we are now.......not ever again.

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