Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From here............where?

Over the past few months of Barack Hussein Obama's reign I have not been blogging about it.I have been mostly fuming and yelling at the TV, playing mafia wars to keep my mind occupied, and then fuming some more. I wanted him to be better. I wanted be proud of him. I wanted him to truly represent this country in an honorable way. Against all of my doubts and fears, I truly wanted to believe he would govern as an American should. I could not possibly have voted for him but if he had did well I would have stood with him.

All of my fears are being realized and I pray for the republic.The congress has gone absolutely wild and wish to subjugate us and shut us up.George Bush is responsible for all that is wrong in the world and snow in winter too. They cannot stand up like men and women and take responsibility for the messes they make.However one good thing has occurred. Conservatives of all colors and moderates have now woken up from our daydreams and realized that we are threatened from every side. Our liberty,standard of living,freedom of religion,values and our national security is at risk.

Today as I hear him speak to journalists he appears to soften his hard line.
And why shouldn't he ? He appears to be losing. But friends I tell you now that what is being done behind closed doors, in the shadows, may be far worse then what they are letting us see.

We have to keep fighting, praying, blogging, protesting, networking, calling representatives and voting them out........and then praying some more.
Stay strong soldiers, stay strong.