Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Does Mr. Obama Know ?

On several occasions as I watched the president give a speech I began to wonder if he knows what he is there in that great office to represent. I wondered if he understands the true history and legacy of this great land. Not a head knowledge but a heart knowledge. I wondered if he felt the true weight and responsibility to maintain the status of the United States in the world. Does he understand the importance of individual freedom and liberty both to be and to do? After all, does not the Creator of the universe himself believe in free choice ? Does not our unalienable rights emanate from the Creator? Or perhaps the framers greatly erred and we should strike that out so no one will be "offended"? No! he made me to be free.

I watch him and it is like an actor on a stage, playing a role, moving as the director directs and saying what the script says to say. If all we needed was a good looking actor who can give a good sounding speech, we could have elected Denzel Washington. Talking is not doing. And this: what has he done for anybody, anywhere that we may see that he even knows what he is doing? Tell me please!

Does he know who he is supposed to be? Well the apology tour was one indication that he has misunderstood what America's role in the world should be. Yes we can be arrogant, yes we can be boastful,yes some of us are greedy, yes we have made mistakes, but should he stand before people who want to kill us and say these things.Is it the president's role to humble us before the world ? And yet he speaks not so despairingly of himself. The president cannot even accept criticism without whining. You better believe that the world needs America to be America. Why? Who comes in disasters to help with humanitarian aid the most. What country offers the promise of rags to riches to immigrants from far flung parts of the world ? Where are you allowed, to worship any deity, stick or stone without threat of death? Or you may believe in no god at all. America that's where. At least for now.

He will not praise this country without condemning it. He will not extol our virtues over our vices, he will not raise his voice and proclaim that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave before the world. Why? because that is not what he seems to believe we are or maybe should be. His vision of America is not what we have been known to be. Governmental control, extravagant giveaways, speech police, food police, media police and "social justice" is where he is leading us.

We no longer have public servants but royalty in congress. Little kings and queens who will tell us what to and how to do it with the promise of something "free" to lure us in. We must obey them because after all they know better how to run our lives than we do.I almost feel like we will soon be asked to bow when they come into the room.

Hate speech laws are being enacted to keep any one from saying anything, to offend any group, anywhere, doing any hideous thing they can think of. Although Christians and conservatives will not be a protected group. I promise you. Gags will be placed on the mouths of religious people who believe that there is such a thing as sin and wrong and right.All judeo- christian symbols will be removed from the public square. The history book writers for school children are already wiping the country's religious heritage from the pages. No longer should it be told why the pilgrims came here or that our laws are based on the bible. Hatred of America and everything it stands for is festering in the halls of academia and a new revisionist story is told of how we are the constant perpetrators of evil in the world. This will not be an America fit to live in if it continues this way.

I do not want to be here when the destroyers of liberty, religious freedom and self determination are done with this country. Our leaders are becoming a counsel of idiots and deceivers and it is distressing to see. Those who rise up and stand for truth, for right and for liberty will have to pay a price, yes they will and some are already paying it. But the price is not too great nor the sacrifice too large to keep this a free republic.

What about the children ? What about the future? What about our standard of living? What about the survival of freedom in the world. What about it friend ? Are you standing up or sitting down with your hands over your eyes just hoping the storm passes you by?

Please let's not get weary now. Let's Fight on and let's fight hard.