Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why can't you just leave us alone ?

As I was watching the various townhall meetings on health care a man stood before Senator Arlen Spector and said these words. "Why can't you just leave us alone, just leave us alone ". Those words struck something deep inside of me. That something has been inside of me as long as I can remember. Even though most of my relatives were democrats that something has been inside of me a long, long time. I did not even know what a conservative was when I first felt that something. I just want to be left alone to do what I believe will make my life better. I know that we can't always do every single thing that we may want because we have responsibilities to our family and society but people, can't we reasonably expect that the government will not continually tinker with our lives seeking to have more and more and control. I can do without a vast amount of government that only complicates life beyond what is tolerable or sensible. And this; they rarely do what they need to do. Look at the banks and the predatory lending practices that they ordained.
Everybody, including republicians, seemed to have forgotten what limited government really is. Stop taking so much of my money, stop trying to make me pay to have babies killed, stop trying to control my health, stop telling me what to eat and what to buy, stop trying to tell me what to think, what to say and how and when to talk about my God. Government needs to do only what government was designed to do under the constitution and as long as I am not hurting anyone physically or breaking the law (real laws) why can't the government just leave me alone? Get out of my way and just leave me alone. I feel you Michael. Leave me alone. Please.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Elected Representatives: Full of Whimsy and Foolywang

After digesting the barrage of information from media, blogs, conversation with friends and others I came to a conclusion. Some of our elected representatives are either missing some of the brain cells that are needed to produce common sense, they are truly convinced that the big balls of crap that they are peddling are really good for public consumption or they are truly trying to destroy this nation.Whatever is going on in their precious little heads,the effect is the same. I am not loving any of it.
How do they think that you can get away with calling your constituents UN-American, Nazis, racists, mobsters etc. and expect to be re-elected? This is not a joke. This is the lives of Americans and the quality thereof that I speak. Over-taxing, controlling health care and bankrupting the country really, really ain't funny. And yes I said ain't. When the flip-flops were on the other feet there was no insult too low to use against conservatives and the Bush administration, now they are shocked, shocked I say, that the people are standing up and saying as Mr. Obama said "enough". Enough indeed.
Oh yes they are full of whimsy and foolywang. Shame on them and shame on us if we allow this to continue much longer.How about we throw the rascals out?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

He's Watching

While we are wrestling with the issues of the day, there is a God who is watching it all. More and more we are choosing to exclude or delete the Creator from our everyday lives and decision making. Is it any wonder that we make the choices that we do? We make choices based on what our friends or relatives are doing, what our political party is currently pushing and what seems to benefit us at the time. Morals and values are relative, political correctness is the order of the day and "what's in it for me ?" is a common question to ourselves before we do the right thing. Do we dare to buck the trends and just do what is right?

I do not know where this country is going, maybe to hell in a hand basket, but if we want to keep being a free land we better put the brakes on a lot of things we are doing right now. The cult of celebrity, the shallowness of our culture, the vulgarity of some of our conduct and the forsaking of decency, honor and integrity for fame or attention and not to mention corruption in every form of government, these things will surely bring us to the brink of disaster. Do we dare to stand on principles?

We have chosen a president like we choose our favorite movie star: "He's handsome, he's eloquent, he's cool, he's an African American". What about what he truly believes?
We are messing up the great experiment that is the United States of America for shallow reasons. Do we dare to go beyond the surface and find the truth?

What does "change" really mean. Does it mean obliterating the thought of God from every public view and forum so that we may not offend. Does it mean giving up our freedoms so we can have the government as our daddy? Does it mean true diversity or suppression of one group so others will not complain? Does it mean taking from some to give to others by force? Does it mean squashing free speech when we do not agree with it. Do we dare to stand up in the marketplace of ideas and say I believe in righteousness, freedom of religion, the dignity of the individual and the protection of the same no matter born or unborn ?

The government has now asked the citizens to rat on each other for speaking out. What? How did we get here ? Is there a right and a wrong? What does America truly stand for and why are we losing it? Where does God really fit in here? Do we dare ask him? The framers of our constitution did.Though the founders were not perfect they were wise enough to know that they should seek divine guidance to form this country into a free republic.

He's watching. He truly is and I don't think that he is amused.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time to move off the plantation black people.

Just thinking about some things and wondering why and how. Why are some people of color so desperate for somebody to affirm us? Why do so many of us just follow the herd and why do we need some liberal authority to tell us how to vote and who to vote for. I would like to see the day when we ask hard questions of our political leaders , such as why after all the years of the great society, welfare, urban renewal and other grandiose plans and promise to lift up the black community are we still so behind in education, entrepreneurship, and family stability. Has government handouts really helped us or hurt us ? Was this the plan from the beginning? Give them just enough to keep them out of the competition for jobs, social standing and education and then we can keep them on the plantation and under our feet. And no, I am not mad at white people.

Certainly there are the achievers in our ranks, but as a whole are we living up to our potential ? Why can immigrants come into our communities and open up businesess and we may not own one store for miles around. When I was a child you could find black owned grocery stores, gas stations, and on and on in walking distance from our home. All gone now. Now, I am not mad at anyone who has a business in the black community but we should own some of them.
They tell us what is good for us and how we need them to make sure we get something from the government. Look around, how's that working out for us so far? How can we cast off the chains of dependency and rise up and take possession of our own destinies?

Oh and can we stop reducing our numbers by killing our kids before they even get here? We need our children. By the way, the mother of the American abortion movement was a racist who thought that having less poor and black people was a good thing for America. Do your research friends. It is way past time to move from the plantation. WE be free now. Or are we? Just sitting here thinking about some things and wondering why and how.