Sunday, August 4, 2013


I think the bigotry of low expectations is actually more damaging to blacks than the nooses of the KKK. It is more destructive and longer lasting. Most cultures had slavery and abuse of slaves but nowhere do I see the coddling and patronizing of ex-slaves like here. Every single dysfunction is excused and indulged by hypocritical liberals. We constantly need government and "well meaning" white folks to help us. Because of slavery we can't support our children, we can't rise and be captains of industry, we can't stop taking crack, we can't get off welfare, we can't stop committing crimes...etc. All of these lies are spoon fed to society so that the bleeding hearts can get government grants and social service jobs. I'm sorry but a lot of blacks are socialist by nature (It takes a village) and so it was easy to herd us together under the umbrella of dependence and helplessness. Liberals replaced Massa'. That helplessness is as strong as genetics because it has been passed from generation to generation. How else can we explain a fairly conservative people that continue to vote democrat. That brainwashing has been successful to the point of destruction of just about every positive practice in black culture.The noose kills one at time but liberal practices and the paralyzing effect on black people is destroying and repressing an entire people group. Failure is expected because after all we were oppressed and we just can't do any better. The democrats brought the nooses and they replaced it with what we have now-cultural and moral destruction of American blacks.