Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sad.........but true.

Some time ago I wrote about Mr.Obama seeming somewhat like an actor on a stage playing a part and not really understanding the full weight of the task that he was embarking upon.Now I am very grieved to see that I was right. He can in no way carry out the job he was assigned to do.Not as he should that is. He does not love this country enough, he does not love us enough, he does not love the American way of life enough. To be what he needs to be he must possess a lot more than what he has to offer-an ideology and a wrong one at that.
I am not saying that everything we do here is good and right but we do have a foundation to stand on. Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We can not right every wrong or make everyone equal in circumstance,finance and treatment without wrecking every thing this country stands for.Even Jesus said the "poor will be with you always".We need to assist the helpless poor but the government cannot solve all of our problems.I think we can plainly see that now. And we should not expect it to.That is what GOD is for.
The more government does for US the more government does TO us.More government -less freedom, more government-more taxes, more government-more intrusion into our lives.You like privacy? Forget about it.Why is that not clear to some people? I think he thought this would be a cakewalk because of his popularity. But when jobs are gone and cupboards are bare and we have few freedoms left and socialism is king, Mr.Obama will still have a high income, the secret service and a whole host of perks to comfort him. What about the people he leaves behind? Baby the thrill is gone.
The question of when life begins was asked of him and He said it was above his pay grade.If he, being an educated man did not know that, then being the leader of the free world is certainly not in his wheelhouse.You need to know the basics before you tackle the hard stuff!
How long can Americans stand for this from our elected officials.They are ignoring us,they are slandering us, they are hurting us and they are trying to enslave us.Just when is enough, Enough? How much more power do we give them to destroy us?
My faith demands I pray for those in leadership and I am trying to but while I am praying my heart is breaking.I see it, I knew it would happen someday, but I do not want to believe it is actually happening now. Things that have been foretold must happen but it is disheartening to see America go down this path of destruction,and I just don't believe we should not speak up or in other words lie down and let the truck run over us.
We need awakening, we need integrity, we need honesty, we need to pay attention and we need God. Now!