Sunday, August 4, 2013


I think the bigotry of low expectations is actually more damaging to blacks than the nooses of the KKK. It is more destructive and longer lasting. Most cultures had slavery and abuse of slaves but nowhere do I see the coddling and patronizing of ex-slaves like here. Every single dysfunction is excused and indulged by hypocritical liberals. We constantly need government and "well meaning" white folks to help us. Because of slavery we can't support our children, we can't rise and be captains of industry, we can't stop taking crack, we can't get off welfare, we can't stop committing crimes...etc. All of these lies are spoon fed to society so that the bleeding hearts can get government grants and social service jobs. I'm sorry but a lot of blacks are socialist by nature (It takes a village) and so it was easy to herd us together under the umbrella of dependence and helplessness. Liberals replaced Massa'. That helplessness is as strong as genetics because it has been passed from generation to generation. How else can we explain a fairly conservative people that continue to vote democrat. That brainwashing has been successful to the point of destruction of just about every positive practice in black culture.The noose kills one at time but liberal practices and the paralyzing effect on black people is destroying and repressing an entire people group. Failure is expected because after all we were oppressed and we just can't do any better. The democrats brought the nooses and they replaced it with what we have now-cultural and moral destruction of American blacks.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well, well, the chickens really have come home to roost

We cajoled, we yelled, we warned, we argued, we prayed but we still got the one we got. Just as we said-it happened! The country is in BIG trouble. BIGGGGG trouble. But my question is to all the so-called Christians who supported him. How do like him now? Well a decision now needs to be made. Will you serve God or man, principle or party, skin color or the law of God. As for me and my house we WILL serve the Lord and may he help America for our folly of choosing the ONE as Oprah called him. OH and I hear she is not doing so well herself now. Yeah the chickens are clucking and they are very loud.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Which Way Will The Wind Blow ?

Many of my conservative, independent, and libertarian compatriots who have been blogging, posting articles, fuming, tea partying, calling their representatives, running for office, commenting on facebook and praying are now waiting to see what will happen on election day.We are coming down to the wire and the wire is hot. The wolves have had their sheepskin pulled off and now we hope that America does the right thing. It has been frustrating and anger inducing to see how we deteriorated in this country for the last decade. Morality is just a word it seems. Integrity has taken a vacation and corruption is the entree for every political offering. Few politicians care for the well being of the people. We can only hope that the elected ones who go to "serve" us in the next election change the way Washington is working.
I am encouraged that many people who were a part of the confused, deceived, deluded and complicit group that voted for the predators in charge, now have come to the light and saw the error of their ways. As for me, I complained too much and prayed too little. I was just so amazed that we have so soon forgotten the lessons of history and were dooming ourselves to repeat it. Whoever goes to congress and the senate must be held accountable, must be watched and must not be allowed to become the horrid mess we now have.We are the makers of this country's destiny. We have to stay vigilant, diligent and never, never allow ourselves to be taken to the place we are now.......not ever again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want to recommend my friend Ron Miller's book. For anyone who wants to understand why a person of color might become a conservative.He also writes about the liberal ideology that has harmed urban communities. Very good and thoughtful writing.Great read.

Read SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom's Porch by Ron Miller

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sad.........but true.

Some time ago I wrote about Mr.Obama seeming somewhat like an actor on a stage playing a part and not really understanding the full weight of the task that he was embarking upon.Now I am very grieved to see that I was right. He can in no way carry out the job he was assigned to do.Not as he should that is. He does not love this country enough, he does not love us enough, he does not love the American way of life enough. To be what he needs to be he must possess a lot more than what he has to offer-an ideology and a wrong one at that.
I am not saying that everything we do here is good and right but we do have a foundation to stand on. Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We can not right every wrong or make everyone equal in circumstance,finance and treatment without wrecking every thing this country stands for.Even Jesus said the "poor will be with you always".We need to assist the helpless poor but the government cannot solve all of our problems.I think we can plainly see that now. And we should not expect it to.That is what GOD is for.
The more government does for US the more government does TO us.More government -less freedom, more government-more taxes, more government-more intrusion into our lives.You like privacy? Forget about it.Why is that not clear to some people? I think he thought this would be a cakewalk because of his popularity. But when jobs are gone and cupboards are bare and we have few freedoms left and socialism is king, Mr.Obama will still have a high income, the secret service and a whole host of perks to comfort him. What about the people he leaves behind? Baby the thrill is gone.
The question of when life begins was asked of him and He said it was above his pay grade.If he, being an educated man did not know that, then being the leader of the free world is certainly not in his wheelhouse.You need to know the basics before you tackle the hard stuff!
How long can Americans stand for this from our elected officials.They are ignoring us,they are slandering us, they are hurting us and they are trying to enslave us.Just when is enough, Enough? How much more power do we give them to destroy us?
My faith demands I pray for those in leadership and I am trying to but while I am praying my heart is breaking.I see it, I knew it would happen someday, but I do not want to believe it is actually happening now. Things that have been foretold must happen but it is disheartening to see America go down this path of destruction,and I just don't believe we should not speak up or in other words lie down and let the truck run over us.
We need awakening, we need integrity, we need honesty, we need to pay attention and we need God. Now!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Out Of The closet: The New Black Conservative

Part One.

I am a person of color,a female and I grew up in urban Detroit. Taking into account all of that, I should be a Democrat.I am not.I voted for Ronald Reagan.I found my conservative self very early in life. I was an avid Bible reader and I began to compare the politics of those around me to what I was reading in the bible.I checked out the radicals of that day-the Black panthers and other Black Nationalists and was temporarily fascinated. I listened to Jesse Jackson and found out what Elijah Muhammad had to say,checked out Marcus Garvey and I absorbed the speeches of Malcolm X. I read James Baldwin and studied Eldridge Cleaver. Loved to behold Angela Davis and read her bio. I read Black Boy and Black like me.I devoured Langston Hughes and his dream deferred.Found about a little red book,Lenin, Stalin and Mao and I heard the talk of my kin and neighborhood pals about voting Democrat.With little eyes saw the riots on TV and listened to the elders speak about them.I finally knew that a democrat or radical was nowhere in me.
I found myself instead identifying with the Black republican ancestors who were abolitionists-Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas,and educators like Booker T. Washington. I checked out Madam Walker- first Black female millionaire, I read every thing I could and never worried about "acting white".Zora Neale Hurston entertained me and slowly but certainly I realized that I never wanted to be on welfare or food stamps, never wanted to have baby after baby with no father in sight, never wanted to hate someone because of skin color. I assimilated the words of the Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence.I admired Crispus Attucks and knew without a shadow of a doubt that Harriet Tubman was a bad sister.It was all about the freedom to me.
I knew God did not want us to kill babies, our babies no matter what planned parenthood said. We should have never abused soldiers from the war or like the Democrats-the "white man's party" start the KKK.He did not like that police trained dogs on civil rights protesters or stand as the Democrat Governor George Wallace in front of a school house door to keep people who looked like me out.He did not want little girls in church to die and block voting rights and the Republicans did not do that.
Now of course the Democrats in power have amnesia and don't know anything about THAT history.With eyes wide open they blind the person of color and distort history to purchase their souls for the false promises of raising us up.

Now in spite of the fact that some liberals would like to think that the term black conservative is an oxymoron or the figment of someone's imagination: there is an emergence of a new Black conservative. This conservative is bold, fierce, unashamed and not intimidated.There are those of us who have broken off our chains, cut off our shackles and ran with determination from the plantation of liberalism and without reservation or doubt declared ourselves to be indeed last. I am one of them. A Christian constitutional conservative of color. Standing with my eyes raised to God and my feet firmly planted on the Word, I say some lies have been told.The lie that the far left love us (right). The lie that the left want us to excel ( the subtle letting us think that without them we can do nothing). The lie that they want us to be educated in the best way (taking away school vouchers from poor black children).The lie that conservatism is not for us (the history, the history). The lie that giving people everything will better their lives and change their future for the good ( If you give me the fish why should I buy a fishing rod or teach my children to fish). The lie that all republicans are racist.

Like robots marching to some ancient drum, people of color for decades and in mass have offered their loyalty to one party.Not knowing or fully understanding political history they have swallowed the lies fed to them by those who dreamed of power and decided to use them to obtain it. How? By simply promising to give them something. The votes that they never wanted us to have would be theirs.Then there are those who took off their white sheets and traded them in for political office.They stood in our pulpits and declared that they were for us because they decided that if they could not deny us the vote at least we were useful as voters. Where they once defied republicans who wanted us to have voting rights and human rights they now represent themselves as our saviors . If you look at the major cities that have been wholly controlled by liberals for decades surely you must wonder what we have been saved from. Liberals policies have destroyed our value systems and moral centers and in turn destroyed a way of life in our cities.Unhoodwinked (OK I know that is not a real word), smart, well read, aware, hard working, self sufficient, unshaken and unmoved. Have heard Uncle Tom flung in their face (from people who know nothing about Uncle Tom) and listened to the deceived call them a race traitor and still stands tall in their beliefs. Beliefs such as self determination, liberty, freedom from intrusive government and the right of the individual to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
One thing that I applaud president Obama for, he has kept his promise to be a uniter.Yes he has united Black conservatives to Jewish ones to Italian ones to Asian ones to European see?
He has been a major catalyst for Black conservatives to emerge and seek each other out and yes we are uniting.We are not rudderless or confused because we have a platform to stand on and history to back our stand.We are finding our other political kin and teaming up to plant our political stakes. This is really not about color so much as it is about making our voices heard in spite of liberals trying to cover their ears.Some of us are still a little hesitant but in a few months I have had the honor of meeting scores of us...coming out of the political closet. Here we afraid those who want to take our freedom, be afraid.We want the souls of our people back, Americans, and we will be wanting that now.

Part two-Black conservatives in the forefront of the constitutional conservative fight..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From here............where?

Over the past few months of Barack Hussein Obama's reign I have not been blogging about it.I have been mostly fuming and yelling at the TV, playing mafia wars to keep my mind occupied, and then fuming some more. I wanted him to be better. I wanted be proud of him. I wanted him to truly represent this country in an honorable way. Against all of my doubts and fears, I truly wanted to believe he would govern as an American should. I could not possibly have voted for him but if he had did well I would have stood with him.

All of my fears are being realized and I pray for the republic.The congress has gone absolutely wild and wish to subjugate us and shut us up.George Bush is responsible for all that is wrong in the world and snow in winter too. They cannot stand up like men and women and take responsibility for the messes they make.However one good thing has occurred. Conservatives of all colors and moderates have now woken up from our daydreams and realized that we are threatened from every side. Our liberty,standard of living,freedom of religion,values and our national security is at risk.

Today as I hear him speak to journalists he appears to soften his hard line.
And why shouldn't he ? He appears to be losing. But friends I tell you now that what is being done behind closed doors, in the shadows, may be far worse then what they are letting us see.

We have to keep fighting, praying, blogging, protesting, networking, calling representatives and voting them out........and then praying some more.
Stay strong soldiers, stay strong.